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Salty snacks

Every July 21st, a great holiday comes that could possibly bring more calories and sugar than a Thanksgiving or Christmas feast. It's National Junk Food day and we have the list of every states favorite junk food. Quick disclaimer, not all of these are that great of "junk foods."

To celebrate National Junk Food Day, the company Zippia conducted a survey to figure out what each states favorite junk food is. To figure out what junk food each state liked, Zippia used the following method:

Using Google Trends, we determined which states were the most avid fans of each snack. We examined 45 different favorite snacks, given us a wide range of beloved foods.

Zippia said they did exclude gum and soda pop from their list of junk foods. Their range stretched from chips, to cookies, to candies, and other things you probably would find in your vending machine.

  • Oreos are the favorite for 5 states
  • Fritos, Doritos, and Cheetos, also know as the "itos," made the map.
  • Butterfingers did not make the list, but Alaska made sure Granola bar did?
  • Sweet snacks won over salty snacks. 29 states like sweet snacks.

So what are the favorite snacks for Iowa and Illinois?

According to Zippia, Iowa loves to snack on Pringles. Across the river, Illinois really likes to snack on Skinny Pop, which is not a lollipop but instead a brand of healthy popcorn.

Happy National Junk Food day! Just maybe consider getting a good workout in tomorrow and visit the dentist soon if you plan to park take.

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