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Valentine's Day is right around the corner and if you have a sweet tooth, this holiday is perfect to stock up on all the sugary goodness. If you're also not sure what to get your significant other as a treat for Valentine's Day, just get them your state's favorite Valentine's Day treat.

This time of year when you walk in a grocery store, you see the entire section of candy for Valentine's Day.

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There is so much chocolate and candy in one spot, I bet it drives dentists crazy!

A new survey came out from our friends at Zippia showing what Valentine's Day treat each state likes the most. To find this out, Zippia used Google Trends. Zippia defined Valentine’s Day candy as candies that peaked in search volume for the big day. From there, they determined what candy is searched a disproportionately, high amount in each state.

Zippia looked a search volume during the first two weeks of February to determine what people are searching for the most in each state.

Some of the keys facts Zippia found include:

  • A staggering 45 out of 50 states prefer chocolate.
  • The most popular Valentine’s day candy is chocolate covered strawberries.
    • Chocolate roses and MMs tie for second place.
  • Dove chocolates being preferred to Lindor.
  • Only 4 states prefer conversation hearts.

Here is each state's favorite Valentine's Day candy according to Zippia.

According to Zippia, Iowans are a huge fan of conversation hearts. I liked getting conversation hearts as a kid just to see what fun and cute messages I got, plus I didn't think they tasted too bad. As I've gotten older, conversation hearts seem to taste not as good anymore.

Illinoisans are big fans of chocolate strawberries. Now this is a "candy" I can get behind. I wouldn't consider this a Valentine's Day candy, but who is really going to pass up a chocolate strawberry?

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