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Young scared couple is watching horror on TV.

We all have something that we are absolutely terrified of. During this spooky season, we for some reason seek them out to give us some sort of excitement and sense of helplessness. But with this year being well, 2020, fears have changed across America.

I'm absolutely terrified of heights. I don't hate airplanes, but if I'm not strapped into something or if there isn't a fail-safe that I know of, then you can go f*** yourself on getting me to do anything with heights. A lot of people are scared of spiders, animals, snakes, ghosts, clowns, and many other "typical" scary things.

2020 has given us a lot to be scared about. Viruses with the COVID-19 pandemic, forest fires, storms, Mother Nature, and many other things. But what has 2020 made people terrified the most of in each state? For that we turn to ADT.

ADT had the same question, "what does your state fear the most?" To find that answer, they looked at searches online for things like "fear of people" and "fear of being alone." With COVID-19 still in pretty much full effect, searches for phobias like that have gone up a lot. Actually a five-fold increase over 2019, which was a 22% increase. The technical term for "fear of people" is anthropophobia. This is the most searched phobia of 2020.

Another interesting searched phobia which sums up 2020 (or just the lives of a lot of single people) has been philophobia. Philophobia is the "fear of intimacy" or "fear of falling in love." New York was one of two states with this fear, and New York has the most single adults so that makes sense.

So, what do Iowa and Illinois fear the most? The thing the two states have in common is that it has to do with others. Yeah Quad Cities, we don't like other people!

Let's start with Iowa. ADT found that Iowans fear people the most in 2020. Iowa joins 10 other states in being afraid of people.

Illinois also is afraid of people but how they feel about people. Intimacy is Illinoisans biggest fear according to ADT. New York is the only other state to have the same fear. Even though Illinois ranks as the 7th best state for singles, a lot of people would like to keep that relationship status.

See the map below to see what the other states fear the most.

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