The Quad City Animal Welfare Center in Milan is working to clear the shelter this week and they have a great deal.

Today (August 29th) and Wednesday, August 31st, you will be able to adopt an animal and your adoption fee for that pet will be whatever the pet weighs at QCAWC. So if it's an 11-pound cat like my orange tabby Milo, you would pay $11.

Guys, this is a deal if you've been considering getting another dog or cat. Normally, at the Quad City Animal Welfare Center, adoption fees for a dog are $100, puppies less than 4 months old are $250, cats are $50, and kittens less than 4 months old are $75.

Meet the dogs that are adoptable at the QCAWC at this link. You can meet the cats that the center has at this link.

Hours & Location

The Quad City Animal Welfare Center is at 724 W. 2nd Avenue in Milan. Their hours are:

  • 12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
  • Closed Tuesdays & Sundays

Consider Adoption

If you want a pet, definitely consider adopting one instead of going to a breeder. All three of my current pets, a dog and two cats, are from shelters and they are all so sweet. If adopting one isn't in your wheelhouse right now, you can foster an animal. That's where the QCAWC would provide you with the supplies you need to take care of an animal if it is sick, injured, or just too young to be adopted. It helps prepare the animal for a permanent home. You can get more details on how to do that here.

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