As a kid I always remembered having the most fun in class  when we had a pajama party. Sadly due to COVID no one is really having to much fun. This is where the Moline Public Library comes in.

Join the Moline public library for an event created for kids ages 3 and up with their families. You can put on your PJ’s and join them for their virtual program room.

It is a PJ Party that is right out of your dreams! Just put on your PJ’s and join the Moline library on January 23rd. This event offers a ton of adventures, you can click on different images around the program room to hear stories, learn new songs, see flannel boards and rhymes, and learn how to create a fun craft.

According to their event page this month's theme is Friendship. COVID has made it hard to make new friends so this event is perfect for all kids. If you have a kid looking for things to do, this is going to be the perfect event! Friendship and new connections are always important for growing minds.


More information about this friendship event can be found here.

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