If you want a personalized license plate in Illinois, there are some ideas that the state has already rejected.

Vanity and personalized plates are nothing new. They're a way for you to show off what you love, a nickname you have, or some "clever" streak you had one time. It's a great form of self-expression if you want to pay extra for it.

According to Illinois.gov, there are over 7,000 license plate suggestions that have been rejected in the state because they're offensive or just flat hard to read.

There's a difference between vanity plates and personalized plates. Vanity plates are just all letters. Personalized plates are a combination of letters and numbers that you get to pick. Personalized plates aren't as expensive as vanity plates and there have been more of them issued in Illinois.

In Illinois, a basic, random license plate is about $150. For a personalized plate, your initial cost is $198, and every renewal is $158. For a vanity plate, you'll pay $245 to get it and then $164 every year to renew it.

Honestly, vanity and personalized plates can be hit or miss. Some of them are just cringe-worthy awful, while others are a bit of a chuckle. But one thing you won't see, in both Iowa and Illinois, are specifically raunchy requests. These are the submissions residents have sent in that include swear words, suggestive phrases, or a whole slew of letters that are just hard to read.

Scroll down to see some banned license plates in Illinois!

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