You wouldn't think Iowa would have very dangerous animals. There aren't any tigers or lions unless they are in a zoo, and rarely are there bears in the Hawkeye state. But there are still very dangerous animals in the state and the most dangerous animal will surprise you because people accidentally attack it the most.

Most of the very dangerous animals in Iowa are small but the most dangerous animal is bigger than your dog.

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Iowa has some very dangerous animals

Animal Vivid has listed the most dangerous animals in Iowa. On this list, you'll find different kinds of snakes, spiders, and bugs. Of the most dangerous animals, only two are mammals and only one of those is a plant eater. While this list only has a few animals you'll find in Iowa, there are a bunch of wildlife species in the state

Iowa, the hawkeye state, is home to about 1,100 wildlife species in the state’s waters and forested inland areas, beckoning millions of tourists to see undomesticated animals in their natural habitats.

However, some of these animals are ferocious and deadly.

Most of these dangerous animals can hide pretty well too.

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Iowa's most dangerous animal will get you by surprise

If you thought a bear or snake would top this list. You would be wrong.

Animal Vivid found that the most dangerous animal in Iowa is the deer. Deer aren't dangerous because they prey on humans, it's because they cause car accidents that result in death. Because of their increased population, that problem continues to worsen.

Sadly, the high population in the state comes with an increased risk of collision, resulting in injuries and fatalities.

Over two deaths were recorded annually between 2010 and 2015, and 69,603 crashes, 4,179 injuries, and 59 deaths between 2005 and 2015.

Talk about being terrified of deer.

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What are the other most dangerous animals in Iowa?

Rounding out the rest of the list are different species of snakes. These are the top 5 most dangerous animals in Iowa, according to Animal Vivid.

  1. Deer
  2. Timber Rattlesnake
  3. Prairie Rattlesnake
  4. Copperhead
  5. Massasauga

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