After a lot of financial problems, a chain of discount stores will be closing it's Davenport location soon.

Davenport's Tuesday Morning is in the middle of their closing sale, according to Tuesday Morning's website. Everything is on sale at the store. The store on Kimberly is one of three Iowa stores that are shuttering. The other two are in Coralville and West Des Moines.

While there's not a closing date set yet for Tuesday Morning in Davenport, the company is closing a multitude of locations across the country.

Tuesday Morning's Bankruptcy

Tuesday Morning Facebook
Tuesday Morning Facebook

Financial problems for Tuesday Morning have been simmering for years. The Quad-City Times reports that Tuesday Morning first filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2020 (at the time, CEO Steve Becker blamed the pandemic) but then filed for bankruptcy again just last week.

Tuesday Morning's business model is to buy name-brand stuff from factory overruns, closeouts, and department store cancellations and to sell them at a discounted price.

My grandmother used to pretty much require visits to Tuesday Morning when I would go visit her and it's true, the chain used to have a bumper crop of stores. Only three years ago, they had 700 stores in operation as opposed to the 480 that are functioning now, with many of those now on the docket to close.

It's Not Davenport's Only Home Store To Close

Also disappearing from Davenport at a TBD date is Bed Bath & Beyond. That chain hasn't had an easy go of it either, barely avoiding bankruptcy but having closed about 400 of it's stores within the last year.

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