If you've lived in Davenport long enough, chances are you've visited City Hall at one point or another. Constructed in 1895 and featuring a stately bell tower, the building does give off a slightly eerie vibe. And rightly so, as it's one of the most haunted places in the area.

The story goes that a prisoner was illegally hanged in the bell tower, back when hanging was the preferred method of execution. However, there is no record of this actually taking place. Most executions in those days took place at the Iowa State Penitentiary in  Fort Madison, so there has been speculation that the hanging was actually a suicide. Whatever the case, witnesses have claimed to see a body hanging in the bell tower, on nights when the full moon is shining bright. Now that would be a terrifying sight to see.

Another legend is that of the heavyset ghost Harry (sometimes also known as Hal) that was obsessed with politics and attended every city council meeting. He eventually ran for a seat on the council and lost, which made him pretty disgruntled. Some say that the ghost of restless Harry still sits in on council meetings and has been known to 'visit' council men and women, and even the mayor. Another identifying feature of Harry's ghost is that he leaves the lingering scent of cigar smoke in the building.

I have never experienced these entities myself, but they do sound pretty creepy. I would definitely be on alert if I worked in the building. Then again, the stories could be total myths, passed down through time to scare locals. Whether truth or fiction, you might look at City Hall a little bit differently the next time you pass by.

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