We're still a hot minute away from the Christmas season but if you're getting your plans in line, there's a town in Illinois you might want to check out.

We're not just throwing that out there. A big national publication that you have likely read has made a list of the "The Best Christmas Towns In America You Should Visit At Least Once". Every place is on the list for different reasons, like the activities that they offer, how sparkly the lights are, and how much of a Hallmark-ian vibe they give you.

When exactly to celebrate Christmas becomes a polarizing topic around this time of year. I personally don't flip on Christmas bops until the day after Thanksgiving but some folks are all about it as soon as the clock hits midnight on November 1st.


Reader's Digest selected an Illinois town as one of the best Christmas towns in the U.S. because of it's charm and they say the best part of it are its holiday fireworks. It ranks towards the middle of the pack, coming in at number 26.

It's also not even that far away from the QC. There are a lot of cute downtown-style areas that dress up well for the Christmas season across the U.S. and this one is no exception.

Galena, IL Is One Of The Best Christmas Towns

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It just looks like a big-time lawyer goes home for the holidays and a "small-town" guy helps her discover the ~meaning of Christmas~.

Here's what Reader's Digest said about Galena:

With its many 19th-century buildings, bed and breakfasts, and antique shops, Galena is a cozy spot for an old-fashioned, small-town Christmas. Set among the snow-covered farmland of northern Illinois, the town’s charming Main Street gets all decked out for the season. The festivities begin with “Holiday Fire in the Sky,” a fireworks display over the Galena River. See 5,000 candles along streets, stairs, and sidewalks during the “Night of the Luminarios and Living Windows,” in which storefronts show off amazing window displays and offer extended hours. Revelers can also enjoy carolers singing the best Christmas songs from the Grant Park gazebo.


Galena boasts many well-appointed B&Bs, but the Aldrich Guest House one stands out for its amazing location just a few blocks from Grant Park, as well as scrumptious breakfasts and comfortable rooms. Elegant yet simply decorated, it’s the perfect spot for a cozy holiday away from the crowds.

I mean just look at it.

Beautiful. Galena is only about an hour and a half away from the QC and you can see what Christmas events they have coming up (if you're already planning out Christmas this far ahead) on Visit Galena's website here.

In case you're wondering, the study named Mystic, Connecticut as the best Christmas town, especially if you love boat rides.

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