If you're going to pop the question, it might as well be somewhere scenic.

It's wedding planning season and there are a lot of couples getting engaged this spring. There are a lot of partners nervously trying to plan a perfect, memorable proposal moment and trying to factor in everything, including the setting, can be stressful.

The neverending debate of having a public proposal or a private proposal continues but one thing is for sure: you want it to be in a scenic location.

Redbook made a list of the most beautiful proposal backdrops for you to pop the question in each state and Illinois' looks pretty perfect.

Illinois' Perfect Proposal Spot


Redbook says that Lake Michigan with a view of the Chicago skyline is the most gorgeous spot to drop to a knee in Illinois. It makes sense: you get a view of both water and a city. We can't deny that's a beautiful setting.

I've seen a trend of many couples getting engaged on beachy trips but you don't actually have to go far to find a memorable spot that will look really nice in proposal pics.

For any nervous Iowa folks ready to propose, Iowa's most beautiful proposal spot was named "any covered bridge". I suggest that if you want to go that route, propose in the fall. That setting is 100% fall.

If you are popping the question in 2024, definitely make sure you know if your partner would want a public or private proposal. Don't be nervous, just have fun!

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