Watching Disney movies is basically a rite of passage in childhood. Everyone has their personal favorite. I distinctly remember watching Sleeping Beauty over and over when I was a kid (I could probably STILL recite the words to Hail to the Princess Aurora).

Now, thanks to a new report, we know what each state's favorite is! Turns out, Illinois and Iowa have the same favorite: The Lion King. It makes sense; at some point we've all held up our child or pet and screamed this song:

It also makes sense given the message. The Lion King is all about family, and knowing who you are and where you came from; it's an idea that resonates pretty strongly in the midwest.

We're not too far away from the release of the live action Lion King, set for July 2019. The cast is stacked – from Beyoncé to James Earl Jones to Billy Eichner – but will it top the original? Probably not. Will we still love it? Probably!

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