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Coconut Cove Resort via Facebook
Coconut Cove Resort via Facebook

As things begin to open for the summer, I'm sure you're thinking to yourself just like the rest of us, it's time for a vacation! If you're looking to not travel to far from the Quad Cities, then here is the perfect place for you.

Welcome to Coconut Cove Resort. It's located just about 75 miles from the Quad Cities in Hazel Green, Wisconsin. The drive will only take you about an hour and 15 minutes which is super short.

The other great part about Coconut Cove Resort is how cheap their day pass admission is. A Beach/Lake Pass for a local non-camper/guest of a camper cost only $15 during the week, and $20 during the weekend per person. 3 years of age and under is free.

An Aqua Park +Beach/Lake Pass for a local non-camper/guest of a camper cost only $25 during the week, and $30 during the weekend per person. For an overnight camper, their website says it is $10 during the weekday and $15 during the weekend (Friday through Sunday).

Coconut Cove Resort has a lot of amenities their too. They have a campground to stay overnight and a lake for people to swim in. The lake is also home to the the Aquatic Park where people can climb and play. Coconut Cove Resort has their Beachside Tiki where you can get a drink and some food.

They also have swimming pools and right next to their pools is the Poolside Tiki Bar where you can have an adult beverage and get some food. Coconut Cove Resort allows people to look on the lake from a gorgeous distance at their bar and restaurant. There you can see people enjoying the lake, and you can enjoy the view of the Mississippi River and Lock and Dam #11.

Coconut Cove Resort is only 21 minutes away from Platteville, Wisconsin, 28 minutes from scenic Galena, IL, and 10 minutes away from Dubuque, IA.

You can find more information about Coconut Cove Resort by visiting their website or their Facebook page. Enjoy more photos and videos of this Midwest paradise below.

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