For anyone not from the Midwest, snow is a bit of a novelty. Out-of-towners love it, as long as they don't have to drive in it. And perhaps we seem jaded to them. But it's because we know; we know that once the snow melts, it's still going to cause us problems.

Sure, roads are terrible and slick when it snows. But when it melts, the flooding starts. Last spring, portions of River Dr. in Davenport were shut down because the Mississippi River flooding was so bad.

Unfortunately, we broke a whole lot of snow records this winter, and that means we're in for some new flooding records as well – particularly when it comes to the Rock River.

According to KWQC, the Rock River water level is currently at 13.97 feet. That's already above the norm. But this weekend, it's expected to hit 16.3 feet. That's less than half a foot from the record, 16.5 feet.

In short, be safe out there, and have sandbags ready!

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