Skellington Manor in Rock Island has been giving us the spooks for 25 years in the Quad Cities. What are they up to this Halloween?

Well, scare season is almost officially here. Oct 1st is just around the corner and that means Halloween is in full swing.

Skellington Manor in Rock Island is home to some of our favorite QC memories. From laughs with the Murder Mystery dinners to wedding receptions, escape room experiences and of course, the amazing 25 years they've been putting us on edge and scaring the ever-living-bajeeezzus out of us with their annual haunted house, Terror at Skellington Manor.

According to, Skellington Manor is about to please the whole lot of Tim Burton fans in the QC:

Another amazing part of what happens at Skellington Manor is that a portion of the tickets sales for the haunted house goes to help build wells in Kenya though the Pay It Forward Foundation, started by owner, Michael Steen.

Clearly, you get all the feels at once at Skellington Manor during Halloween. Donate to a non-profit, get your Sweeney Todd screams on and have the thrill of your life all in one, historic Quad City location.

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