Tom Brady announced on Tuesday (March 17th), he will be leaving the New England Patriots,

Tom Brady, also referred to as the G.O.A.T. by many, is leaving the New England Patriots.

Brady, who was drafted my New England as the 199th overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft, played college football at Michigan. Originally when he was drafted, he took the number 2 spot in the quarterback lineup behind Drew Bledsoe. In 2001 in a game against the Jets, Bledsoe was on the end of a nasty hit which made him suffer a sheared blood vessel in his chest almost killing him. That is when young Tom Brady became the starter.

Tom Brady has spent the past 20 seasons with the New England Patriots. He gave them 6 Super Bowl wins with a total of 9 trips to the Super Bowl. Tom Brady has the most Super Bowl rings among any quarterback to the play in the NFL.


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