We may be finding ourselves spending some time indoors for awhile, so why not break out the board games for some fun with the family. On your next trip to the store to stock up on supplies don't forget to pick up one of these games!

5. Clue

A game everyone knows. You can find a classic version for just $10, or special versions like the office Clue for a bit more. Over all this classic game can give at least a couple of hours of fun.

4. sheriff of Nottingham

One of my personal favorites, and a new game on this list. It goes for about $30. It's a fun game for the whole family, and you get to try your hand in lying and joking with one another with this game of deception. There's at least an hour and a half of fun with this one.

3. Life

Another classic game for the family, the game of Life has a fun concept and has different themes as well. You can get this game starting at $15 From Sponge bob to Junior life, anyone can enjoy it. You have at least an hour of fun with this beloved game.

2. Candy Land

Okay hear me out... This game was so much fun as a kid, and if you play with kids it's still fun as an adult, not to mention you can get this game starting at only $7. There's at least twenty minutes of fun with this one.

1. Monopoly 

This legendary game has got some super fun themes. From the original game starting at $7, to the fun themes like Toy Story, cheaters edition, Fortnite, and even Friends. The possibilities are endless. This one has hours of fun for you and the family. It really does take awhile.

Enjoy some classic fun with the family, and jam out with board games with this year!

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