Let's tug on your heartstrings a bit today with one Iowa goose's story.

Prepare to get invested in the story of two geese.

A fact to get us started: geese mate for life. Such was the case for a pair of geese in Marshalltown, Iowa named Bud and Blossom. According to The Dodo, the pair of geese were brought to Riverside Cemetery to live in a beautiful pond on the property.

They lived happily together for years. But last August, after what's believed to be a wild animal attack, Bud died, leaving Blossom a lonely goose. She's done a lot of walking around the cemetery ground on her own, looking for Bud.

Riverside Cemetery Facebook
Riverside Cemetery Facebook

According to Birds & Wetlands, geese do mourn the death of a mate, for as long as two years.

The Dodo says that Riverside Cemetery staff have tried to help Blossom cope since Bud's death in August. They've given her snacks and have spent time with her.

Mating Season Is Here

She seemed to be getting over his death okay but now mating season is around the corner and she's looking for Bud again. All she's been able to find though is her reflection in gravestones or glass. So the quest began to find Blossom a new romance.

Blossom's Second Love

Not long after posting that gem of a personal ad, the cemetery was connected with someone who was trying to rehome a widowed goose named Frankie. They met this week (the only Valentine's story I care about) and hopes were high that the two geese would get along. And it looks like they did.

The Riverside Cemetery Facebook page has been posting updates on Blossom and her journey. Apparently since the introduction, Frankie and Blossom have been spending a lot of time together so maybe Blossom has found her second love.

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