Looks like the education system in Illinois is getting a wake-up call! They need to bring in students and fast.

According to the latest enrollment reports, 2018 has seen a definite dip in students attending Illinois’ four-year public universities. And it's been steadily declining for the last decade or so.

Honestly, I get it 100 percent. I grew up in Illinois but when it came time for college, I went to a school in Indiana because it was actually cheaper than anywhere in-state would've been. I had a high GPA and played two sports, and didn't see any real scholarships or financial aid coming at me. But in Indiana, they offered me money off for maintaining that GPA.

College is a tough choice, and unfortunately money is a huge factor in that choice. If Illinois schools aren't going to help their students out, why should they tear their hair out trying to make it work when another school will help?

Luckily, U of I is rolling out a new tuition plan for in-state students. If their joint family income falls below a certain amount, there are no tuition fees. It's definitely a huge step in the right direction.

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