Virginia Tech has been using 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica as the hype song for their football team for years. The song riles up the crowd and the team, with the stadium typically singing along as the team enters field.

Well, after a year of not being in the stands, Virginia Tech was itching to get back to watching their team. So much so, that the team's entrance registered on seismograph.

It wasn't earthquake level, of course, but the nearly 65,000 fans were ready to lose their minds when their team walked onto the field.

In addition to singing, the tradition became to jump around while the song builds, which likely lead to them noticeably making the earth move.

New video was shared to Barstool Sports of the crowd's deafening singing and cheering.

The hype helped out the team, with the Hokies beating the Tar Heels 17-10.

College football is back.

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