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A potential new scam is going around a local Quad Cities area town and it involves people coming to residents home pretending to be city employees.

On Monday, the Walcott Police Department announced on Facebook that a potential new scam going around the town of Walcott.

In the announcement, Walcott police officials said that they received a call on Monday afternoon of suspicious activity involving a person or persons possibly in a white van. This person or persons who knocked on the caller's door stated that they worked for the city and needed into her house to inspect due to a water main break.

Officials say that Walcott city employees will never need to enter a home for a water main break. If anyone claims that they are with the city of Walcott, they will have a vehicle marked with the city logo.

The Walcott Police Department says that if anyone attempts this or anything else suspicious, do not let them in and to call 911 immediately. If someone is a legitimate employee, they will wait to be identified by the police department.

The same principle applies to any other cities in the Quad Cities. Protect yourself and if you feel there is any suspicious activity happening, call 9-1-1 immediately.

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