Everyone has their superstitions. But it seems like good luck superstitions are some of the weirdest out there. Some keep a horseshoe nearby, others wear the same pair of socks to make sure the Cubs keep winning – whatever works.

So, if you really need some luck in the month of May, you might want to try this one. When you wake up on May 1, before you say anything else, say the word "rabbit." For maximum luck, repeat the word three times.

No one really knows how or why this works, but it's been a tradition in the U.K. and North America for more than 100 years. The popular theory is that it started with kids in 1909.

This doesn't just work for May though. According to legend, as long as "rabbit" is the first word spoken in the month, that month will be lucky. I'm not usually that superstitious, but I'll definitely be trying this one.

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