If you're trying to channel the luck of the Irish as we get closer to St. Patrick's Day, you most likely won't be able to channel it in Iowa or Illinois. The two states that make up the Quad Cities are two of the unluckiest states in America because people can't seem to win.

How do we determine how lucky a state is compared to another one? We looked to see which states have more Powerball jackpot lottery winners than others.

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Iowa Isn't A Very Lucky State

Compared to the luckiest state in America (that's Indiana by the way), Iowa isn't even close to being lucky.

Since Powerball began in 1992, Indiana has had 39 winners. That's 3 times more wins than the state of Iowa, according to World Population Review. Yes, Iowa has had only 9 Powerball winners.

The last Powerball jackpot winner in Iowa was back in 2018. Lerynne West of Redfield, IA won $343,900,000, according to the Iowa Lottery.

Illinois Is Unluckier Than Iowa

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Across the Mississippi River in Illinois, things get even unluckier. Since Powerball began in 1992, Illinois has had only two Powerball winners.

Those two Powerball jackpot winners happened in the 2010s, according to portalseven.com. Combined they won $87.5 million.

The Luckiest and Unluckiest States

As mentioned before, Indiana is the luckiest state since it has the most Powerball jackpot winners. Here are the luckiest states in the U.S. according to jackpocket.com:

  1. Indiana - 39
  2. Missouri - 31
  3. Minnesota - 22
  4. Pennsylvania - 19
  5. Wisconsin - 19
  6. Kentucky - 18
  7. Louisiana - 17
  8. Florida - 16
  9. Arizona - 14
  10. New York - 12

The unluckiest states are the 5 states that can't play Powerball at all, according to The Hill. They include:

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Hawaii
  4. Nevada
  5. Utah

We wish you nothing but luck this St. Patrick's Day.

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