All week, we've been dealing with extreme temperatures in Iowa, Illinois, and throughout the Midwest. As the Heat Dome heads towards the south, we're feeling much-needed relief.


On the hottest day of the week, I decided to see if it was hot enough to cook an egg on our newly blacktopped parking lots at our studios. The heat, the sun, and the black parking lot sounded like a perfect mix to make breakfast.

But was it?

Heat Dome Leaving Iowa

The day has finally come. The dreaded Heat Dome is migrating south and temperatures are returning back into the mid to lower-80s as we get into the weekend.


The hottest it got at this week was on Thursday, August 24th. It reached 100° here in the Quad Cities which was the first time in a long time.

When Was The Last Time We Reached 100°?

KWQC TV6 Meteorologist Kyle Kiel notes that the last time we saw air temperatures reach triple digits in the Quad Cities was July 25, 2012.

4,047 days without going over 100° is something to be thankful for. We agree with Kyle. Let's make it another 4,000+ days.

Was It Hot Enough To Cook An Egg On A Parking Lot?

With the Quad Cities Airport reaching 100° and the heat index topping off at 116° right before 4 p.m. on Thursday, I thought it would be a great idea to try to cook an egg.


Our parking lot at the Rock 'n Roll Mansion had new blacktop put on it recently. I'm not sure how hot the surface was, but when I touched it the parking lot was pretty hot.

To get an egg to start to cook, it needs to be at least 158° on the surface you're cooking the egg on, according to the Library of Congress. Knowing that you might know how this turns out for me.

Hint: It didn't. Enjoy!

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