Your 2019 into 2020 probably looked and felt a bit different than 2020 into 2021. Obviously if you went to a traditional New Years party last year this year may not be offering that. Countless parties and functions for New Years have been cancelled due to COVID.

While many are excited for 2021, we all know that not much will change when the clocks put us into the next year. The next few months are still going to be a bit of a struggle.

When I went into 2020 I had excitement and high standards for the future. This year the bar is much lower. I just want the bare minimum. 2021 please be better than 2020.

That being said there are still things you can do to celebrate the end of 2020.

Celebrate with Close Family:

I can't remember the last time I spent New Years with my parents, but since they are some of the few people I can get close to this year, it looks like I'm partying it up with them!

Virtual Events:

Virtual New years events are happening all over. From Noon events to other large virtual events happening later tonight.

Creating New Traditions:

Now is the perfect year to create a funny new tradition. My family is now finding anthems to end each year with. Our anthem for this year is, "This Year is a Dumpster Fire."  Or I may just break something to symbolize the crushing of 2020. Who knows.

There are still events and parties going on in person:

Hopefully you can have a fun and safe ending to 2020. Happy new year Quad Cities!

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