Today has been a bit chaotic. We started it off by blowing up a turkey with 97X in an effort to remind people how dangerous fireworks are. They also wanted to blow up a watermelon, but it was a dud, so I decided we should throw the melon off our roof.

To my surprise, Connor was bored, and he chucked that melon!

Now you may be asking why we would throw a watermelon off our roof for no reason. I could lie and say we were doing a scientific study, but in truth the parking lot was empty, and we had a watermelon. Hence why we felt obligated to do this.

There's no other real reason for doing this. We just thought it would be fun to see how much damage would happen after throwing the watermelon off the roof. Long story short.... That melon absolutely splattered!

@b100qcToday watermelon off roof! 😂 ##radio ##watermelon ##destruction ##Quadcities ##B100 ##Iowa ##Illinois♬ original sound - B100

At least now we know what happens to watermelons when we throw them. We made sure to put this on more than just TikTok. We have a few different shots of this chaos.

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This was a last second idea, but it was fun. We also made sure to clean up, it up took awhile, but it was worth it!


Now we know what happens when we throw a watermelon off the roof.

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