Post Malone started his 2020 performing at a New Year's Rockin' Eve by falling on stage. He took it with stride, but many are joking about how he "started this year on the wrong foot." While it was a rough start it seems as though 2020 will be a huge year for Post Malone.

Post Malone confirmed that 2020 would hold, new tattoos, new on screen appearances, and new music, which has his fans excited. Post Malone seems to be just as excited as his fans are as well.

Getty Images for The Stronach Gr
Getty Images for The Stronach Gr

Post actually got a new face tattoo right before his new years performance, and it has fans split on if it's cool or not. He seems to like it though which is all that matters. Clearly 2020 is going to involve even more art for him.

Post Malone was seen on set With Actor Jason Statham, getting shot at for a scene. So it has been confirmed he will be in the new movie Cash Truck.  It appears as tho he will be playing a villain. Post also had his acting debut in the Netflix original Wonderland.

As far as music goes, we can only guess what he has in mind for his next song, and or album. He appears to hint at stuff from time to time, but nothing is concrete. Some joking that a song will be about Crocs since post just finished his fourth successful brand deal with the shoe brand.

What are you most excited to see from Post this year? Many fans including myself are excited to see what this decade holds for Post Malone.

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