It's been a while now, but it looks like we're finally going to get a Wahlburgers in Illinois.

Set to open in downtown Chicago, the new Wahlburgers location, opening tomorrow, will be the 30th restaurant opened by the famous family.

Chicago Food Magazine interviewed Chef Paul Wahlberg:

Chicago is one of the great food cities in world, and we are so excited to bring a taste of Wahlburgers to River North.

With a hugely popular reality TV show on A&E, the thirst hunger for Wahlburgers food has grown to epic proportions.


With menu items like the sloppiest Sloppy Joe’s, the tastiest tater tots, and the frothiest frappes, our menu is based on the same recipes Paul and his 8 siblings devoured as kids—taken to another Wahlberg-ian level.

In case you were wondering, two of the 8 Wahlberg siblings are brothers Donnie (NKOTB) and Mark (Instant Family).

The other Wahlburgers location, a little closer to Rockford, in St. Charles just broke ground last month. The St. Charles Wahlburgers is set to open later in 2019.