Rumors have been swirling that two Great White Sharks were seen in the waters of the Mississippi near Davenport recently, but fortunately for all you boaters/fisherman, this appears to be fake news.

Entertainment website Breaking News 365 fabricated the story, and to make it even more painfully obvious that it's fake, they also postdated it as July 14, 2017. The story has sadly been shared on Facebook over 179,000 times since it was published, and it's easy to see why- the site sounds like they're being serious. There isn't an overtly satirical tone being used like you would see with an Onion article. Take away the bad grammar and you have something akin to an actual news story. Definitely one that your grandma would fall for.

"While it is not entirely impossible, it is incredibly uncommon for salt water dwelling creatures to stay for lengthy periods of time in fresh water. However, two Great White Sharks have managed to survive the trip and make their way up the Mississippi River somehow."

And yes, we are positive the story is fake. Not only is it pretty implausible that you would spot Great White Sharks this far north, but Breaking News 365 has a disclaimer at the bottom of their page explaining that they are not a legit news source.

"This website is an entertainment website, news are created by users. These are humourous news, fantasy, fictional, that should not be seriously taken or as a source of information."

Too bad Grandma probably doesn't read that far down.

Check out the fake news here, if you feel like having a chuckle.


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