It's the end of a era. All good things must come to a end. Its time for a rant.

According to MSN, Best Buy has announced it will be pulling all CD's from its store shelves by July 1st.

Other reports say Target will be next in-line asking suppliers to sell Target inventory on a consignment basis and pay for unsold inventory.

Does this surprise you? Vinyl is making a huge comeback and with services like Spotify and Apple Music, there isn't much of a market for CD's anymore.

Over 800 million CD's were sold in the US in 2001 and has dropped to 89 million on the years following.

Some customers are a little upset by this move, including myself. I remember having a pretty huge cassette collection when I was a kid. When CD's spiked in popularity I sold them all and got the titles on CD. I have a pretty massive CD collection. It takes up 2 walls in my apartment. I'm totally not going to sell them and convert to vinyl. There's something about taking the wrapping off and opening a CD. The artwork, the liner notes (that I actually read), the packaging. This is how computers ruin the world.

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