We love flights, no matter if it's food or drinks. They offer options for us to try and they look trendy on the 'gram. A simple question posed on Facebook got a lot of responses from QCA folks.

So here was the question posed in the Quad City Food Lovers public group:

Quad City Food Lovers Facebook
Quad City Food Lovers Facebook

The answers range from bourbon to soup to this answer, which I've never seen but am very curious about:

Quad City Food Lovers Facebook
Quad City Food Lovers Facebook

Some of my other favorite suggestions include:

  • Bruschetta (which sounds excellent)
  • Tacos
  • Donuts
  • Salsa
  • Appetizers

How yummy would this bruschetta be as a flight. Come on.

Italian food. Bruschetta.

Other suggestions include:

  • Condiments
  • Wings
  • Cheese & Wine
  • Beer & Chocolate
  • Mules
  • Skillet flights

It's not hard to find beer and wine flights, go to nearly any brewery and you'll likely find some variation. But it can be harder to find different styles of flights. Whether or not you want to try something new or you do it for Insta, there are plenty of different food and drink flights for you to try on your next night out.

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So to save you time on staring at the menu on your next outing or arguing with your partner or pal on what you should try, I rounded up some of the QC's best and unique flights for you to check out (no, not an actual flight for you sarcastic ones, we're not flying to anywhere warm, sorry about it).

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