We all know someone who starts playing Christmas music the first day in November, and while the holidays are filled with a variety of music we never hear any Thanksgiving Songs. Maybe this is why Thanksgiving is seen as the "skipped over" holiday. Could it be due to a lack of representation when it comes to songs?

Today we will be looking into the few Thanksgiving hits.

One of the biggest Thanksgiving songs isn't even a Thanksgiving song anymore.  It was first published in 1857, and was written by James Lord Pierpont, originally to be sung on Thanksgiving. Obviously now it is a well known Christmas song. It is Jingle Bell Rock.

Johnny Cash also had a pretty large Thanksgiving hit called "Thanksgiving Prayer." It is absolutely beautiful, and some consider it the anthem of Thanksgiving.

Ray Davies released "Thanksgiving Day," in 2006, and while it's not the most well known song it does talk about Thanksgiving.

While there are others out there, these are debatably the most "Iconic" and listened to songs. If you have other songs you listen to on Thanksgiving let us know on the B100 App.

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