One of my favorite summer activities is grilling out. I love getting together with friends and throwing meat on the grill.

But I also love finding great BBQ. Of all my food adventures, looking for BBQ joints is my top choice. If I go on a road trip, I'm always searching for top-notch 'que! If you're like me, you have to check out this list! has scoured all 50 states (and D.C.) to come up with their list of America's top BBQ spots. Here's a sample of what they found:


Jimmy Jack’s Rib Shack (address and info)
Iowa City
The Q: The Supreme sandwich
Jimmy Adrian and Jack Piper grew up together in Burlington, Iowa, and 10 years ago they opened Jimmy Jack’s. Get yourself The Supreme sandwich (filled with pork, smoked turkey, and brisket) along with a couple slices of honey butter corn bread. And then do it again.


17th Street BBQ (address and info)
Murphysboro, Marion
The Q: Magic-Dusted championship ribs
The word "legend" sometimes gets tossed around in the barbecue world, but if anyone's earned it, it's 17th Street BBQ's Mike Mills. You can do no wrong by visiting his Vegas spots, but the home base in Murphysboro is the real destination. Start with a pimento cheese app that was served at the James Beard House, and then dig into his championship ribs that're smoked over apple and cherry woods, and coated in Magic Dust.

Annnnnnnnd now I'm starving. Check out the complete list here!