Quad Citians, as well as Americans love their coffee. It seems whenever we write about coffee the numbers go through the roof. I'm personally not a coffee lover. I like the smell of coffee brewing, but not the actual drink. The lines at those fancy coffee places are the longest. I couldn't sit in one.

Speaking of, when you cant get into one of those fancy joints because the line goes from Brady to the I-74 bridge, or you're on the road and a gas station is the best you can get...where is the best gas station (or convenient store so we are politically correct) in Iowa to get a cup-o-joe?

According to Gas Buddy, Casey's General Store has the best gas station coffee. That doesn't surprise me much being there's one on just about every street corner in the Quad Cities, and in the small communities they are located right on the main drag.

While your there, grab a slice of pizza or 10. I love Casey's pizza...more than the coffee.

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