A mansion for sale in Illinois looks a lot like an abandoned mall.

When I was a kid, in the glory days of malls, I thought I could just live in the mall. Once my small town got one, that was the place to be. It's where we went to hang out with our friends, go on dates, and of course shop.

Malls seem to have gone by the wayside since then but there's one mansion that's for sale in Saint Charles, Illinois (which is about two and a half hours outside of the QC) that brings back the nostalgia for sure.

It's a $3 million price tag on Zillow, for a 10 bedroom, 6 bathroom home that sprawls at 13,805 sq. ft. It was built in 1996 and has natural gas, forced air, central air, and 8 attached garage spaces.

The garage is definitely nice and it's land and interior are absolutely beautiful, but it's just so reminiscent of a mall. It has both an interior and exterior pool and one of the bathtubs is probably my favorite one I have ever seen. It even has a waterfall on the property. Love it.

It's listed as contingent on an offer now but take a look at the inside.

Doesn't this give you mall door vibes?


Some people are saying it reminds them of medical offices or the bank but for me, it looks like a mall. And the door isn't where the mall similarities stop.

Scroll down to see more pics of the mansion!

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