Sure it's fun to watch the University of Iowa and the University of Illinois go head to head in football. But now there's a new competition between the two, and we all scream for it.

On Thursday, October 3rd, Whitey's unveiled two new cones that are set to compete against each other this month. Check out the battle of Iowa vs. Illinois cotton candy:

Both will be offered at all nine Whitey's locations through the month of October, per their Facebook post announcing the cones. At the end of the month, Whitey's will tally up which one sold more, and it will be named the victor.

In place of having actual black ice cream in the Iowa cone, it appears purple. Meanwhile, the Illinois cone is a bright orange and blue combo.

There's no specific description of the taste, other than "cotton candy." My guess is — considering the different colors — the two are very similar, but still different. I'd bet both are fruity, given their colors, but I'll have to find out!

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