You may actually be storing something wrong.

The ~aesthetic~ organization TikToks are always hilarious to me. The storage containers are so cute but they'll do things like keep the butter sitting on the counter. Why?! Butter goes in the fridge, right? It's in the refrigerated section of the grocery store??

Nothing can make the kitchen police pop off more on these TikToks than peoples' methods of washing fruits. Everyone turns into an expert horticulturalist who knows all about food sanitation and cutting down on plastics in the world.


We use paper towels all of the time and according to Reader's Digest, we should actually be keeping them in the fridge.

One Super Useful Aspect

Paper towel math never made sense to me. 4 rolls=8? How exactly? But you can take some of that and help keep your fruits and veggies clean.

Keeping paper towels in the crisper drawer can help veggies stay fresh, according to the article.

It's suggested that you line the crisper drawer with paper towels to help absorb the water that veggies release over time. When you get a fresh batch of produce, replace the paper towels.

Just Put The Whole Roll In The Fridge


Besides sanitizing veggies, Home & Texture has several ideas of why storing a whole roll in the fridge can be beneficial.

A cold paper towel can act as a soothing cold compress to help with things like fevers and sunburns. It can help relieve puffy or swollen eyes in the mornings.

It can help absorb odors and prevent condensation in the fridge too.

It can also help cool off beverages quickly. Wrap a chilled paper towel around a can and it will help cool it off faster.

Especially now that we're getting close to summer and the season of sunburns and parties with plenty of bevys, it doesn't seem like a bad idea.

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