Counties in the Quad Cities have been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning as the impending snowstorm gets closer. Several cities throughout the area have also declared snow emergencies to prepare residents for Thursday's storm.

To give us more details about Thursday's snowstorm, KWQC-TV6 meteorologist Kyle Kiel came to the studios to give us more details about how much snow we're going to get in our area and when we will see it fall on the Quad Cities.

Kyle Kiel Talks About Thursday's Snowstorm


Thank goodness we have friends. Kyle Kiel, who is a meteorologist at our weather and news partner, KWQC-TV6, stopped in Wednesday to give us details about Thursday's winter storm.

Kyle, who is also a QC native, said that Thursday's storm is expected to dump a few inches of snow on the area with more snow falling to the west and northwest in the majority of Eastern Iowa.

How much exactly? Kyle and the KWQC weather team are projecting 3-6 inches in the Quad Cities. More snow could fall towards the west and northwest of our area in parts of Eastern Iowa.

Shortly after Kyle stopped into the studios, he took to Facebook Live on the KWQC-TV6 Facebook page to give more of an update about the chances of the amount of snow we could get in the area.

Winter Storm Warning Issued For the Quad Cities

As the afternoon progressed, the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities issued a Winter Storm Warning for more counties in the Quad Cities on both the Iowa and Illinois side. That warning is set to go into effect from midnight tonight until 6 p.m. on Thursday.

While similar to the National Weather Service of the Quad Cities, the KWQC-TV6 weather team issues its own forecast and they use the National Weather Service to help give you the most accurate forecast.

With that being said, both KWQC and the National Weather Service are predicting that the bulk of the snow will be during midday on Thursday.

Make Sure You Are Prepared!

Before the snow really starts to fall on Thursday, take a look at this list and make sure you have the following items at home and in your car.

Keep scrolling for a full list with photos.

Thanks to KWQC-TV6 meteorologists Kyle Kiel for stopping in to talk about Thursday's snowstorm. Just like TV6, we'll keep you updated on the air as the system moves through.

Essential Winter Emergency Kit Items

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