If you're like me, you love your dog more than you like most humans. In fact, if it was up to you, you would just hang out with your dog rather than humans. Most bars don't allow dogs. Also, if you want to have a beer, you have to have it with human because dogs can't drink beer, right?


Bowser Beer is beer for dogs. It is bottled up beer that looks just like beer, tastes like beer (i'm assuming), and pours like beer, and it's beer... for dogs. There is no alcohol in it, though. We don't want to get our dogs drunk because one of us should stay sober, right? When i saw this I was like awesome! Then I was like, i doubt there is anywhere around the QC for me to buy, at least I can order it online. Again though, I was WRONG! There is a canine joint that sells Bowser Beer.

You can pick it up at The Paddling Pooch in Bettendorf. It will cost you about $25 for a 6 pack though.

What a great country we live in. Better yet what a great set of cities we live in. I love the QC.

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