I've driven by this building practically my whole life and I've never been inside. One day I decided to Google the address and I discovered it's actually one of the oldest homes in LeClaire, Iowa.

The Captain's Quarters in the Old Mill House along Cody Road in LeClaire is listed as one of  LeClaire, Iowa's oldest homes. You'll also find the Greek Revival style residence has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1979.

The home at 419 N Cody Road, used to belong to a historic riverboat captain. It was built by Alfred Jansen in 1851 and was acquired by J.W. Van Sant about 1865. According to Wikipedia, Van Sant began his river career as a ship carpenter and boat builder in Rock Island, Illinois in the 1840s. He moved to Le Claire in 1862 to take over the boatyards established by the Davenport and Rogers Co. 

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As a kid, I remember the building was used as office space for a variety of businesses and fell into a bit of disrepair. Now it's a cozy guest-house on the second level and a chiropractor's office on the first floor. 

The guest house was voted in 2019 River Travel Magazine as one of the top 5 "Most Romantic Couples Getaway" along the entire length of the Mississippi River. Take a look inside. You can rent the guest house for about $145 per night on Airbnb.

Oldest Home in LeClaire is Cozy Getaway

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