As you drive over I-74, or even just around Downtown Moline, you can see progress just about every day. If you're out of town for even a few days, you'll come back to what seems like even more dramatic progress.

Still, it's kind of hard to see exactly what's going on just by walking and driving around. So, thanks to the Channel Cat, you can now take guided boat tours! According to WQAD, the first tour happened this week, on Wednesday, September 4.

Floating through and around the heart of construction over the river, those on the tour can learn all about the process behind building the new bridge, and what goes into the design. It is hard to get into a tour though.

According to WQAD, there have been seven more tours scheduled past the 4th, and each one is sold out. But, with as long as this process is taking, I have a feeling – or at least, a hope – that more tours will be set up.

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