It looks like a beautiful weekend to go fishing.

We're all trying to save money this summer but we still want to enjoy the pretty weather. There's a great way for you to do exactly that. This weekend, Iowa DNR has Free Fishing Weekend going on.

June 7th-June 9th, Iowa residents can grab your tackle boxes, pack your coolers, and try fishing without having to buy a license or a trout fee.

The fee for an annual fishing license for an Iowan is normally $22. There are also day passes available.

According to Des Moines Register, all other fishing regulations in Iowa are still in place this weekend, like what areas are catch-and-release only or how many of a certain kind of fish you're allowed to take with you in a day.

You can find Iowa DNR's list of stocked lakes and ponds on their Fish Local website. There are also family fishing events going on throughout the summer.

You have a lot of options on what to fish for and where you go depends on what you want to catch. There are 148 species of fish in Iowa. The Mississippi River has plenty of bass and catfish while northeast Iowa has a lot of trout. Iowa is home to hundreds of lakes and thousands of miles of rivers so you also have plenty of options on where to go.

Ready to go fishing this weekend? You can get more details about Free Fishing Weekend at Iowa Department of Natural Resource's website.

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