A bill in the Illinois legislature would definitely affect drivers in the state.

There are some places where it seems like it's all too common to get pulled over for something like speeding or a minor traffic violation. It seems like police are just waiting for you in those spots. A newly introduced bill in Illinois will cut back on traffic stops a lot.

The bill had it's first reading yesterday and basically says that police would not be able to pull someone over for speeding anywhere up to 25 miles per hour over the speed limit.

That's because, according to Illinois law, driving 26 miles an hour or more over the speed limit is considered a misdemeanor. Police would be able to pull you over if it's to the level of a misdemeanor or felony.

Under the bill, there's a laundry list of traffic violations that officers could not pull someone over for, including:

  • Excessive tint
  • Defective mirrors
  • Having an expired registration sticker
  • Obstructed windshield/defective windshield wipers
  • Not wearing a seat belt
  • No registration plates or stickers
  • Excessive exhaust
  • Defective bumpers
  • Not complying with car lamp requirements

Another part of the bill says that, if officers do pull someone over for going more than 25 over the speed limit, evidence from that traffic stop cannot be used in a trial, even with consent of the driver.

State Rep. Justin Slaughter (D-Chicago) introduced the bill. He was also one of the lead sponsors behind Illinois’ Safe-T Act, which ended cash bail in Illinois last year.

The bill is now before the House and being reviewed by a Rules Commitee.

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