Here we are...Single Person Awareness Day. If your not single or have a Valentine in mind your pry out shopping for the perfect card to tell that special someone how much you care.

Valentine's Day is also known as the "Greeting Card Holiday." All the cards filled with sweet, loving messages. While your reading them, have you ever wondered who writes this crap, and how do they make it into a Hallmark?

Woman giving a card
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1. You are my husband and that's okay, but why couldn't you look more like Christian Grey?

2.  Our love is something that was destined to last, even though my parents thought you were trash.

3. My friends say you have no merit, but I love a 40-year-old man with a ferret.

4.  It's not easy to say.  But I'll give it a try.  I married you for money, and want you to die.

5. Even Kellyanne Conway couldn't make up a lie about my love for you.

6. My love for you burns brighter than a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

7. I wish I could have given you a diamond ring . . . but you'll have to settle for dinner at Burger King.

8. I'll love you forever, and that's an alternative FACT!

9. You're the only woman I've ever loved . . . who hasn't hit me with a restraining order.

10. I love being married to you, but if it doesn't work out . . . SEE YOU IN COURT!

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