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Connor Kenney
Connor Kenney

Today is Friday the 13th. If there was a day to be superstitious, today is the day. You don't want to break a mirror, spill salt, open umbrellas inside, and you better be on the look out for black cats! Yikes!

Of course there are quite a few things that could bring you bad luck. But there are some other unknown superstitions that people have. Did you know it's bad lunch to put your shoes on a table? Or chase someone with a broom?

Fortunately for you, I am giving you 13 things that you definitely should NOT do on Friday the 13th. That's right, I acted out 13 things could give you back luck.

Am I brave? Just plain stupid? Well, if you see me in the Quad City Times obituaries, that means bad luck really does exist... and I'm stupid.

Check out the 13 things you should avoid doing on Friday the 13th! Enjoy!

Yes, that is a fake cat. It's actually a massive fake spider that's being pulled across the room.

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