Over the weekend, this radio DJ, his lovely wife, and his beautiful daughter found out what the gender of their second child was going to be. Before revealing the gender this past Saturday, you helped raise over 400 toys for kids in Illinois, Iowa, and the Quad Cities.


We couldn't thank you enough for your generous donations for kids and families who need it most this holiday season. These toys will surely put smiles on children's faces this holiday season almost as big as the smiles on ours.

Baby Kenney #2 Is Going To Be A...

On Saturday, Dec. 16, 2023, we hosted a gender reveal party live on the radio and at the radio station. Thank you to Los Portales for providing a delicious lunch to our family and friends and we geared up for the big announcement.

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We also want to thank our awesome friend Maddie for helping with the reveal and for being the only person to know up until we opened the gift at noon.

After a long wait, we finally know what gender Baby Kenney #2 is going to be when they are born this spring. Caelyn is going to be a great big sister and we're excited for a new baby in the house. Baby Kenney #2 is going to be...


More Than 400 Toys Donated To Kids In The Quad Cities

Before finding out the gender of Baby Kenney #2, we asked you to guess the gender by donating a toy at the B100 Studios.

Community Health Care
Community Health Care

After counting all of the toys donated at our studios and by the amazing staff at all of the locations for Community Health Care, there have been 406 toys donated to be given to kids and families who need them the most this holiday season.


Community Health Care providers and staff will be giving toys to patients as they come in during the holiday season.

To learn more about the great work Community Health Care does, how to make an appointment, and more, visit their website, www.chcqca.org.

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