Summer 2022 is going to be the best summer yet. And to make sure we all start it off on the best note, B100 and Analog II Arcade Bar in downtown Moline are throwing a 2022 Summer Kickoff party! But at this party, we aren't just playing your favorite hit music, we are also giving away cash, a lot of cash.

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Some say that Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer and we want summer to get here as soon as possible so we are throwing this biggest summer kickoff party in the Quad Cities. It's all taking place in downtown Moline at our favorite arcade bar.

2022 Summer Kickoff Party Details

Join us on Saturday, May 28th, 2022, at Analog II Arcade Bar (1405 5th Ave, Moline, IL) as we kick off summer the right way.

Connor Kenney and Sarah will be there from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. playing the Quad Cities' favorite hit music while you enjoy some drinks, play the awesome games at Analog, and maybe even order some pizza from Lopiez. But we're there for more than that.

We're giving away B100 shirts containing cold hard cash for those hot summer days!

How To Win Cash To Kick Off Summer

Be one of the first 100 people at Analog II on Saturday, May 28th because you could be walking away with $100 in cash!

2022 Summer Kickoff at Analog II Arcade Bar in Moline, IL on Saturday, May 28th.
2022 Summer Kickoff at Analog II Arcade Bar in Moline, IL on Saturday, May 28th from 1-3 p.m.

We'll be giving away 100B100 2022 Summer Kickoff t-shirts to 100 people that Saturday between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. at Analog in Moline. Every 30 minutes, 25 shirts will be handed out and every shirt will contain a prize for each person. You'll get one of  two prizes, besides this limited edition shirt:

  1. B100 sticker, or...
  2. A crisp $100 bill!

Wear Your Summer Party Attire

We're kicking off summer so make sure you come dressed for summer! Remember our beachin' party at Analog II? Just wear what you did the last time you saw B100 there and throw on your tank tops, swimwear, and whatever else gives you those summer vibes!

A Few Rules To Know

We don't want to sound like the fun police because we are going to have so much fun! But we don't want people to ruin it for others so here are some rules to follow when you try to win $100:

  • Only 1 (one) t-shirt per person while supplies last.
  • No pushing over shoving while in line.
  • If there is any dispute as to who was or wasn't in line, or where someone is in line, everyone involved in the dispute will be sent to the back of the line.
  • No holding spots for someone else in line.
  • B100 will tell you when to line up so no need to line up early.
  • Once you pick up a shirt, that is the shirt you will open and see what is inside.

It is free to get a 2022 Summer Kickoff shirt and to win $100!

Let Us Know If You're Coming!

Make sure to let us know if you're joining us for the B100 2022 Summer Kickoff party at Analog II Arcade Bar in Moline, IL on Saturday, May 28th by hitting the 'Going' button on our Facebook event page!

Come kick off summer the best way ever with the 2022 Summer Kickoff party with Analog II Arcade Bar and the Quad Cities #1 Hit Music Station, B100!

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