Since I moved to the Quad Cities, I've learned I can count on two things: construction and trains. More specifically, that construction will always be happening and trains will always pass at the most inconvenient times.

Last week, my ride to work was 10 minutes longer because I was rerouted by construction and got stuck behind a train. So during that time, I came up with a handy dandy list of things YOU can do if you're ever in the same situation!

  • 1

    Do your makeup

    Ten minutes is plenty of time to at least do your eyes. I don't typically wear makeup to work and I honestly thought about doing it while I was stuck.

    As long as your car is in 'park' and you're still keeping watch for the train's end, you can pull down that sun visor, flip the mirror open and make it happen!

  • 2

    Call Your Mom

    Moms are just the best. Unfortunately, life gets busy with your own kids plus work plus everything at home. But odds are, your mom would love to hear from you, even if you're just venting about how crazy everything is.

    Even a ten minute conversation while stuck waiting for a train to pass might make her day. Check in, say good morning (or goodnight, depending on when you're out) and you'll score brownie points for sure.

  • 3

    Answer Emails/Texts

    Let's be honest: staying on top of emails and texts can be stressful. Or exhausting. Or both. So if you take ten minutes to just knock out as many as you can, it'll probably save you a headache in the long run.

  • 4

    Google What The Train Is Carrying

    It's hard not wonder why exactly you're stuck waiting for so long. In the moment, it feels like that magic trick where the magician just keeps pulling a streamer from their mouth. It NEVER ends!

    So, if you're like me, you might angrily google "WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT IN THESE TRAINS." I did this the other day, and couldn't find an answer. So if you do, please send it over to us!

  • 5

    Call B100!

    If you are ever stuck waiting for a train, or your commute is all messed up because of construction rerouting, we definitely want to hear about it. Call in to let fellow drivers know where to avoid, or just call in and vent! We'll be in the studio for you: (563) 326-2100.

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