The 2020 life style is the new normal for many Americans, and others all over the world. More time is spent inside ones home, or outside at a safe distance. Many stores and other public venues lie vacant.

Before 2020 it felt like life never stopped. We never had time to just relax, or make good food. I for one almost always got take out, but now people are learning to cook.

According to Acosta, 55% shoppers said they are eating at home more often since the pandemic began. Many people are starting to order food from places like "hello fresh" Those places do some of the work for you, but still allow you to cook the food.

While others are still getting fast food from places like "Door Dash", but it appears that cooking is making a big come back.

Some other statistics that are showing just how much time people are now spending at home eating are,

  • Forty-four percent of shoppers are eating breakfast at home every day, compared to 33% pre-COVID.
  • Thirty-one percent of shoppers are eating lunch at home every day, compared to 18% pre-COVID.
  • Thirty-three percent of shoppers are eating dinner at home every day, compared to 21% pre-COVID.

I myself have tried cooking, sadly I have no talent for. Even the bacon I try to make turns out awful. So if you too are struggling with learning how to cook in 2020. You are not alone.

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