With in the last few years TikTok has become a house hold name, which means celebrities and artists are going to jump on to the trend. We saw this with YouTube as Celebrities like Will Smith joined and stared in YouTube Rewind, and now we have it with TikTok.

The biggest problem with already famous people joining these smaller medias is that they use it more as a marketing tool rather than something for fun or content. Some do it well others are just a bit upsetting to see.

Today we will be looking at the best and worst Famous artists on TikTok. We will be rating the accounts out of 10. There's some great videos in here, but also some border line cringe. lets kick it off with the best.



Charli XCX: While the content makes almost no sense and is just random, she is very real. It's like watching another person who randomly got famous on TikTok. She makes very goofy videos. Final score 7.5/10



Post Malone: He makes it into the best only because while he does market his work, he also just has a good time with his non marketing videos. Some videos make me laugh, and even the marketing ones seem kinda genuine. Final score 8/10


Jonas Brothers: Some funny promotions, and great original videos that make fun of the old Jonas brothers. Final score: 8.5/10


AJR: Critically under looked! They put out some amazing BTS videos and orginal content. Final Score: 9/10 




Selena Gomez: While there's some promotions. And not as much content and it's not the best, some of it is real and fun to see. She seems like a super nice person. Final Score 7/10


Miley Cyrus: While her content is orginal something about is is just slightly fake, but it's still fun to watch. She looks like she has fun making it. Final score 6.5/10




Justin Bieber: While I love JB his tik tok only has 11 (at the time of writing this.) videos and out of those 10 of them are promoting his songs. And the other on is promoting his clothing brand. Not much content there. Final score 4/10


Fallout boy: They made two videos in 2017 and one so far in 2020. about a two year break, and all three videos are just low effort promotions. At least JB puts effort into it. Final score 1.5/10


I'm glad these artists found a great way to continue to create and promote, there is never anything wrong with that, but when its low effort it's just not fun to watch. Is your favorite artist on tiktok?

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